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Breakdown Cover Offers and Promotions

Breakdown Cover From The Green Insurance Company

Obtain your breakdown cover from a company that gives something back and, in addition, offsets the emissions of any recovery vehicles that are used....


Get the Aviva deal with 15 weeks' of free car insurance

Aviva are one of the country's leading insurers and are now offering 15 weeks' of free car insurance if you buy online....


Special Offers from Affordable Car Hire

Affordable are one of the largest leisure car rental companies and now have a range of special offers....


20% off Kleber Quadraxer Tyres with ATS Euromaster

Kleber Quadraxer are the new all season tyre and are perfect for drivers who do not want separate sets of tyres for summer and winter driving conditions....


Why Do I Need Breakdown Cover?

Many people can’t see the point in spending money to protect against something they hope will never happen; but many cars are unreliable. According to the UK breakdown companies their services are required around 20,000 times every day. Remember, cheap breakdown cover doesn’t just help you with engine faults; it’ll also help with flat tyres, dead batteries and other problems.

Many of the big companies make a point of their repair success rate, which is usually in the 80-90% area, this means that many of the more common problems will be easily and quickly repaired and you’ll be on your way in no time at all.

Stay Safe

And let’s not forget safety. The side of the road is not a good place to be stuck; there are countless horror stories of broken down vehicles being struck by passing traffic. If you’re broken down you want to minimise the time spent at the side of the road, especially if you have children - breakdown cover will ensure your problem is sorted quickly, usually between 30-40 minutes, or you’ll be towed away to a repair garage.

Breakdown cover gives you access to experienced mechanics on 24/7 patrols who will usually be able to fix your car at the roadside, failing that they’ll ensure that you, your passengers and your vehicle are delivered safely to a garage.

Breakdown Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about breakdown cover then check out our Breakdown FAQ section.

* £9.06 applies to the AA's European Cover